Nicht nur in der Schweiz, sondern auch international und vor allem in der Europäischen Union gibt es zahlreiche Rahmenbedingungen, Einschränkungen, Gesetze und Werbeverbote, die es zu beachten gilt. Wir haben nachfolgend die wichtigsten für Sie zusammengestellt.

ICC International Chamber of Commerce

Consolidated Code on Advertising and Marketing Communication

Online Version: www.codescentre.com


American Advertising Federation (AAF)

Art Directors Club (ADC) global

Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA)

European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA)

Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)

Advertising & Children

Advertising Education Forum: News and views on advertising to children in Europe

CARU: Children's Advertising Review Unit

Childrens' Programme: The children's programme of the UK Advertising Association

Quebec Regulations on Advertising to Children

Responsible Advertising and Children: Ensuring responsible marketing commmunications

Advertising & Marketing News

ACT Responsible: Advertising Community Together – is a non-profit initiative. Its goal is to federate, promote and inspire responsible communication on sustainability, equitable development and social responsibility.

AdWeek: Provides a regional focus on the advertising industry’s creative process, account changes and decision makers.

ClickZ.com: E-commerce, wireless technology, and advertising

PR News: The PR Group at Access Intelligence, LLC delivers informational products, learning and training opportunities, awards programs, and industry networking to PR and communication professionals.

The Internationalist: For advertising, marketing, and media professionals

Advertising & Research

Brandchannel.com: News and views on branding.

Colloquy: Comprises a collection of resources devoted to the global loyalty marketing industry.

Gallup: Provides data-driven news based on U.S. and world polls, daily tracking and public opinion research.

WARC.com: World Advertising Research Center.

Advertising Awards

AdForum: Has teamed up with advertising award competitions worldwide to provide online access to the world's best communications executions.

New York Festivals: International Awards Group recognizing and honoring ‘The World’s Best Work’ in media advertising.

One Club: Pencil Awards honors creativity in advertising.

Web Marketing Association, Inc.: The producer of the WebAward Competition

Webby Awards: The best web sites selected by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) judges.

Internationalist Magazine Awards: Including case histories of innovative winners

Consumer Resources

Better Business Bureau, USA

Commercial Alert: Ralph Nader's organization against harmful, immoral or intrusive advertising & marketing, and commercialism

Consumer Review: Written for and by Consumers

Epinions.com: Consumer advice and reviews on products, services, and media

Global Test Market: Consumers from around the world participate in the development of new products

Self Regulation, Law and Ethics

International Chamber of Commerce IAA

The European Advertising Standards Alliance EASA

Advertising Standards Authority, Ireland

Advertising Standards Authority, UK

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): The United Nations agency dedicated to the use of intellectual property.

National Advertising Review Board

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